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Hi Chris, welcome to our mad world of trying to build our own electronics.

I am fascinated by 3d printers and have been looking at the reprap and the makerbot. I have even tried to justify it to the missus by saying that I could make the enclosures for our first project using one, she's not having it yet though…I will keep trying

Any views on quality, which is best etc..I think you may have just the right home for boating geeks

I am a Linux and open source geek in the UK, armed and dangerous with a 3D "reprap" printer. Recently bought a Westerly Merlin 29, and have been working hard to merge my interests.

I spent quite a while trying to find a way to have an open source chart plotter, but it seemed that the lack of a legal source of charts was an insurmountable problem. I ended up sadly buying from Polarnavy; which seems good, but I would ditch it tomorrow for a viable open source solution.

My 3D printer is proving very useful for my boat, printing all sorts of stuff for my boat, some of which can be seen on Thingiverse. Every boat owner should have a 3D printer. Presumably these could be used for building housings for electronics, conduit etc.

Planning to fit an NMEA 2000 backbone to my boat, although I gather it needs to start at the top of the mast, which has put me off a bit.

I doubt my electronics skills will be up to helping out, but I will be interested in following the project. (Google+)

Any chance you could get me over my fairly recent fear of heights so I can climb masts again ? ;-) we need users and requirements as much as anything, it's so easy to go over techy and make something unusable by doing it because it can be

Re: how can I help by ShaunGabrielShaunGabriel, 02 Oct 2012 18:37

Ok, well I feel a bit of a fraud owing to the lack of transferable skills for this project (unless there is a present or future need for psychological help :-) ), but I do come with enthusiasm and a boat to test things on and feedback to the rest of you.

This sort of project is right up my street, so i am very keen to be supportive and help out any way I can. My engineering skills aren't great, but I do have a good knowledge of boat electrics and know what I need from a boat owners/skippers prospective - so full of ideas and wants, a few needs and lots of ambitions!

I don't suppose we will mange to get this Wiki to go viral ! , but hopefully it can now start to gather some real momentum.

Regards to all


Re: how can I help by jabamusicjabamusic, 02 Oct 2012 18:34

hi mick,

thank you for posting the first forum message. It sounds like you have loads and loads to offer in an are where we are week, which seems to be turning this into a reality from concept

i have no doubt that we have the skills, and the capability. We do need to take the next step which is to start making it a reality. I think the key thing we need is the specification of what it needs to do. We have it in dribs and drabs. I am working on this but struggling a little for time with the day job being crazy at the moment. The other are we seem to be weak is the circuits that are needed. I am learning coding but will be relying heavily on the prototype the AngusMcdoon made and can hopefully use some of that.

Please do pitch in whereever you can


Re: how can I help by ShaunGabrielShaunGabriel, 02 Oct 2012 14:57

hi mickbond here. have been watching this thread on YBW and think its a great idea. I am an electronics Systems engineer (have been for 36 years) and developed eal time control systems from micros to minis. Rusty at coding but able to manage and document projects . Good understanding of boat electronics interconectivity and comms.

how can I help by mickbondmickbond, 02 Oct 2012 12:20
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