Team skill sets

List any skills that you can bring to the project

Shaun Gabriel

Software development manager for last 10 years, primarily in the Microsoft arena. Previously a network security specialist. Always been on the lookout for boaty projects, have plenty of ideas and conceptually know what needs to be done, grass root skills and professional expertise lacking, but always willing to learn. Pretty good at sourcing and negotiating with suppliers and quickly learn about new arenas when relating to technology, not quite so good on the yacht master syllabus though

A Paul R Cooper (AntarcticPilot)

Software developer and data manager since 1976. Always been involved with spatial information, but formal work on spatial data started in 1979. Geographic Information Systems Manager since 1990. Mapping and Charting; data management and web based geographic applications; embedded real time software (but a long time ago); current on Java based technologies; historical knowledge of many other languages, to the extent that I reckon I can work in just about anything!

Good, recent skills in training and course development. Good project management skills in a PRINCE-like environment (I am NOT a PRINCE practitioner).

Sailor since the late 50s!

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